Cara Holmes is a documentary editor and director with over 10 years experience. Cara’s passion lies in documentary and factual programme making. She has completed feature and short documentaries on a wide range of subjects, from the surreal world of body modification to the political instability of Gaza and the West Bank. Much of Cara’s recent work has been funded by Screen Ireland and The Arts Council of Ireland. She has worked for many of the major independent production companies in Ireland and her work has been broadcast on BBC, RTÉ, Smithsonian Channel, TV3, TG4, Al Jazeera TV and Eir.


Learning to swim is often perceived as a small victory but for these women it is much more than that, it is freedom.
Waterlilies had it’s International Premiere at the Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival has also been selected for the Dingle International Film Festival 2015. Produced by Marmalade Films

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The Long Walk

The life of a golf pro is widely portrayed as one of plenty. Ireland’s golfing elite have built careers in a game that has given them fame, fortune, and the opportunity to chase a dream.
The Long Walk shows another side of the pro game. Produced by Motive TV for Setanta Sports

Way to Go? Death and the Irish

The programme prompts the question, given the fact that death is 100% certain to happen to every single one of us, why don’t we want to talk about it? It also examines the idea of planning ahead for a more dignified death. Made in association with the Irish Hospice Foundation.
Produced by New Decade TV for RTÉ 1

Capaillíní Chonamara

‘Capaillíní Chonamara’ is a documentary film on the Connemara Pony. It explains not only Ireland’s love affair with the Connemara Pony, but also a deep appreciation that continues to go further and further afield.  Throughout Europe, North America, and even Australia, the Connemara Pony is becoming the breed of choice due to their athleticism, versatility and good disposition. Produced by Union Films for TG4

Bulletin TV

Bulletin TV is an adrenaline-rammed 6 part series bringing the world of Red Bulletin Magazine to life and features the best of alternative sports action from around the world.
Produced by Coco TV for RTÉ 2.

Class Swap

Documentary series, three groups of Irish teenagers abandon their classrooms to sample the realities of school life in three European Countries.
Produced by Esras Films for RTÉ1

'You Come Back' - Miss Kate

'No Danger' - Bitches With Wolves

Young Women Rising

Young Women Rising video commissioned by National Women’s Council of Ireland.
The Y Factor project is an the youth initiative of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, aimed at empowering young people (in the 16-25 year age-group) to be leaders for women’s equality.

The Good Reactor

With access to some of the most respected individuals in the field, this film separates fact from fiction on the green energy debate. All life is dependent on thorium, yet most of us have never heard of it. The Good Reactor  expresses the film makers’ sincere concern about the fate of future generations.

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